About Us

Every dynamic business organization will at some point run into challenges which may be above the competence of its internal resources to resolve effectively. Some of these problems could be growth related, treats from competitors or a need to enhance efficiency etc. Godwin and Associates Management Consultants is here to help position your organization to convert those challenges to opportunities for transformation.

Created in 2006, Godwin and Associates Management Consultants has helped its clients to maximize growth by recommending strategies that improved their business processes and enhanced their value.


The main Focus of Godwin and Associates Management Consultants include:

 Human Asset Development and Training

 Supply Chain Management – Acquisition, Procurement and Contracts

 Advisory Services

 Portfolio, Program and Project Development/Management

 Business Analytics – Risk assessment and Management Strategies, Cost Reduction/Avoidance vs. Value Creation

 Regulations and Compliance Assessment

 Corporate Governance Development

 Software Selection and Optimization; Website Development and Management

Godwin and Associates Management Consultants is a trusted brand in providing variety of management consultant solutions. We provide customized consulting solutions to our clients located in North America and Africa. Our clientele comprise not-for profit organizations and nongovernmental entities (NGOs); commercial enterprises and government agencies.

Email Addresses : contactus@gandaconsultants.com


USA:  +1 404-507-6380

Nigeria: +234 9090904566

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